By Zach Flores, Sterling Rios, and Ezra Robinson

Created for GMTK Game Jam 2020

JB Hammer, CEO of Hammer Co., says: "You're Fired!" Destroy as much company property as you can on your way out before escaping through a nearby window.

*Note for Web Browser Version: If the game is not starting when you press space, try clicking inside of the gameplay window and pressing space again.


SPACE - Slow Rotation

R - Reset Level

ESC - Quit Game

Share your escape time in the comments!


HammerCoWindowsBuild.zip 26 MB


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They should make this an olympic sport! Lots of fun and the mallet feels properly weighty. Not sure anyone's going to get that custom mallet though!


It took me 56:55:23 to beat, most fun game I played yet

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This is the greatest compliment we could recieve. Thank you.

I didn't realize I could press spacebar to slow the guy down so I just left him spinning and went away. Came back to him repeatedly bouncing between two chairs and then spent another ten minutes or so to get to the end.


Dev record is 1:43.64

If you beat us, we'll email you a custom mallet. Screenshot proof required.

I'm still trying